2018 VA Middle School Honor Choir Auditions

Thursday, January 25, 2018 (All day)

UPDATE (1/16/18)  - Due to snow days the deadline has been extended to THURSDAY JANUARY, 25.  It will very likely not be extended again.


Download the entire application packet here!

How do I apply?

You must be sponsored by a member of the American Choral Directors Association.  This could be your school’s chorus director, church’s music minister, or community choir director. He or she will record you singing three things: a major scale, the first verse of America, and a minute of an approved song. Professional judges will then score that audition and the highest scores will be selected for the event. 

Does it cost?

Yes.  There is a $10 audition fee.  This goes towards paying the judges and the software that hosts all the audition files.  If you make it, there is also a $100 registration fee.  Your director will instruct you on how to pay. 

How competitive is the audition process?

There are two choirs this year.  The Treble Choir is for 6th and 7th grade girls and 6th-8th grade boys with unchanged voices.  The SATB Choir is for 8th grade girls and 6th-8th grade boys with changed voices.  Over 1000 auditions will be submitted and approximately 280 will be chosen.  When is the event? April 5-7, 2018. Rehearsal starts approximately at 1:00pm on April 5.  The final concert will be early afternoon on April 7.    

How do I find out if I made it?

Your sponsor will receive a package on or around February 13 with a letter addressed to each of his/her participants informing you of whether you were accepted.  Some singers will be named alternates and will go in the place of an individual who cannot attend for whatever reason. 

Where is the event?

Rehearsals and performances will be at First Baptist Church in Richmond. More details will be sent to participants.   

What do we do there?

About a month prior to the event you’ll receive a packet of music.  Your director will help you learn the notes for these songs but you will also have access to practice tracks you can download to an mp3 player or listen to online.  When you arrive for the first rehearsal, you’ll meet your guest conductor.  It’s their job to get you concert ready with approximately 12 hours of rehearsal! 

What if I live far away?

If you’re accepted, you’ll receive a list of local hotels with which we’ve negotiated group rates.  The overnight trip is part of the fun of this event!  Do I go alone? No.  Every singer must have a chaperone.  Usually, that’s a parent.  That generally means s/he will need to take two full days off work.  Sometimes, schools that have multiple students accepted can double up students with chaperones.  That’s up to your director.